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Tuesday Food of the Day – February 2, 2016


Collards 101

Collard greens (or simply “collards”) are a cultivar of Brassica oleracea, the same species of vegetables that includes kale and cauliflower. The technical name for this cultivar group is Acephala, which is Greek for “without a head.” Unlike a tight “head” of cabbage, collard leaves grow loose.

Collard Basics

  • Collards are available year-round but are tastiest and most nutritious in the winter months after the first frost.
  • Look for dark green leaves that show no signs of yellowing or wilting.
  • Wash each leaf before using.
  • Store the leaves in your refrigerator in plastic bags with as little extra air as possible.
  • Remove the stems and spines as you would do for kale.




  • 1 big collard green leaf
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 all natural bread rolls
  • 3 thin slices of white onion
  • 3 tablespoons virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon smoked paprika
  • Himalayan salt
  • Dash of oregano


  1. Mix the olive oil, smoked paprika, salt, and oregano in a bowl. Add the sliced onion and cover them with this mix.
  2. Heat up a pan on medium/high heat. Roast onion in pan for 1 minute and put aside.
  3. Put collard greens in pan (remove hard part of stem).
  4. While cooking collard green in pan, pour the left over mixture from the bowl over the top.
  5. Cook on each side for 1 minute and put aside.
  6. Break eggs into the now empty bowl of sauce and whisk. Pour into pan and cook for 2 minutes or until cooked, then flip and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes.
  7. Slice bun in half and grill each side in pan.
  8. Open avocado and mash it into a spread, that you’ll spread on inside of buns.
  9. Put egg, collard greens and onions on the bread. Enjoy!

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Have a great day!

Dave & Maryann




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